Wick Trimmer + Wick Dipper Set- Silver

Wick Trimmer + Wick Dipper Set- Silver


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Set includes:

1-Wick Dipper

Generally, we don’t recommend blowing out your candles. Simply dip your wicks!

To Use:

Use a wick dipper to gently press lit wicks into the hot wax and pull them back up straight. This will immediately extinguish the flame without the smoky smell and soot!

1-Wick Trimmer 

Trim your candle wicks with ease with this metal wick trimmer. Angled just right to reach wicks in tall candles! Trimming wicks to 1/4″ before burning will help your candle last longer, burn cleaner, and smell more fragrant.

To Use:

Gently center and trim your wick 1/4″ with the metal wick trimmer prior to each lighting.