How To Make Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles

Hand poured soy candles are an eco-friendly way to have a clean burning candle in your home. Brands that mass-produce candles in factories spew harmful chemicals into the environment polluting the air, oceans, and earth.

Hand pouring soy wax candles for beginners is much easier than you may think. Surprisingly, you can do it right at home in your very own kitchen and don’t need many special types of equipment. So let’s get started!





Weight out one pound of wax. One pound of wax is enough to make three 8 oz. candles. Once you’ve weighed out your wax, start melting it. In just a short while the wax will completely melt and become a liquid. Turn the heat up to 185 degrees so that the dye and fragrance will mix in together nicely. Once the wax reaches 185 degrees, add the dye and mix it all together.

Take off the pitcher from the heat and add in the fragrance. 1 oz. of your chosen scent is perfect for how many candles you will be making. When stirring in the fragrance, you want to be thorough but gentle. Usually, about 25 times in each direction is optimal.

As you wait for the wax to cool, it’s time to get the container ready. To attach the wick, you can use either a glue dot or hot glue. Place the bottom of the wick directly onto the glue dot and then fasten the wick to the container. Secure the wick to either the popsicle bar or wick bar and make certain it is centered.

When the wax is cooled to 135 degrees, carefully pour the wax into the container. Allow the candle to cool over night. The wick should be trimmed down to about a quarter of an inch and you are done.

Voila! Congratulations on creating your very own hand poured soy wax candle.

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