Tampa Gift Set


This Tampa Inspired Gift Set is inspired by our wonderful city! $90 value! This set does not include a cigar box. 

In this set:

1. Gasparilla Mini Tin Stack: $34 Value

Ginger Beer + Dark Rum, Spiced Rum + Coconut, and Vetiver + Leather

A sophisticated mix of citrus and floral notes, paired with cedar to create a soothing, and calming aroma. The scent is topped with rich notes of leather and a hint of vanilla.

2. 4 oz Room Spray: Tobacco + Vanilla Bourbon: $26 value

Bold and complex notes of the tobacco leaf are combined with a caramel-like aroma of bourbon and finished off with a layer of cinnamon. This fragrance is one of our favorites! Inspired by Ybor City.

3. Signature Glass Candle: Ginger Beer + Dark Rum: $30 Value

A perfect candle for those dark and stormy nights! Spicy ginger, a touch of simple syrup, and a splash of bitter orange is perfectly infused with dark Caribbean rum.



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