Voyage Modern Elixeur


Voyage features notes of amber, lotus petals, zesty bergamot, cedarwood, Tahitian vanilla, rosewood, and bourbon

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A part of our Modern Elixeur Collection, Voyage is the perfect fragrance to take a break and do something for you.

This is the sumptuous aroma of your favorite paradise. This sophisticated fragrance blends rich, bold amber with zesty bergamot. It is finished with a smooth musk, warm cedarwood and vanilla and a touch of sweetness.

Voyage an act or instance of traveling: a journey.

Wax Family: Food-Grade Soy Wax
Phthalate Free
Lead-free, double cotton cored wicks.
Approx Net Weight: 13.25 oz. | Approx Burn Time: 80 hours | Wick: double cotton wicks

The Modern Elixeur Collection’s frosted glasses are perfect to be re-used! They make a great planter for your window sill with colored gloss glass.

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4.25 in


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