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Points with every purchase!

Earn 1 point per $30 spent.

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Redeem your points for free products or discounts!


Special offers and early product previews!

Rewards F.A.Q.

Can I just use a reward in an order?

Rewards are redeemable with purchases only.

What happens after I redeem my points?

When you use your points you will receive a coupon via email that you can then use to claim your reward!

How often are free products changed?

Products offered with reward redemption are changed seasonally. If you redeem a free product that scent is the only available product with that coupon.

How do I use the coupon?

When you get the coupon, head on over to the site to choose the product then go to your cart. Enter the coupon and the discount will be applied to your cart.

If I cancel an order do I lose the points?

Yes. If you cancel your order, points earned for that order will be revoked.

Are coupons shareable?

No. All coupons are associated with your individual rewards account email and can only be redeemed when you are logged into your account.

How to earn points:

Register as a new user and receive 20 points

Every $1 you spend you receive 1 point

Happy Birthday! Receive 50 points

Sign Up to become a member receive 2o points

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Online & In-store
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Available Rewards:

60 points – Free Room Spray

75 points – Free Mini Tin

100 Points – Free Travel Tin

120 points – Free Signature Glass

150 points – 30% off your next order

Earn Free Products and Discounts!
Save up to 30% off when you redeem points!
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